Doctor Who Challenge

2 Favorite Friendships

Clara and The Doctor

I will never really understand why no one seems to like Clara much. I find her story very interesting and her friendship with the Doctor all the more interesting.  To me it is Eleven’s Donna-esque sort of relationship.  Even though there are hints of a romantic attachment on Clara’s side it all ways comes back to the friendship.  

Unlike Amy, Clara doesn’t begin by running away from something.  She is the adventurer who is curious at heart, while at the same time incredibly feisty who doesn’t let the Doctor walk all over her.  If anything she is one of the few companions who sometimes takes complete charge.  I think it is this that the Doctor truly loves about her and it is this same part of her that gives her a deeper insight and understanding of the Doctor.  They are essentially alike in many ways, and I think that is why Clara can deal with him so well, adding in her own steadiness and sense of responsibly to help keep him out of trouble.  There have been several companions who came to be very close to the Doctor but Clara is the only one, perhaps other than River, I believe, who has seen the darker more lost side of the Doctor and fully accepted it.  She provides something that the Doctor sorely needs, but has not let others so fully in in order for it to be provided as he has Clara.

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wait why was he the bad guy i dont understand

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Where’s the Invisible Man?

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Help, I gave in to the meme.

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What is a Tigger?

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The best views are when you don’t have to pay for it. #bigbend

The best views are when you don’t have to pay for it. #bigbend